How to Add a Counter to Your Homepage

First you must select where you're going to put the counter. When you have selected the place, put the following line in the html file (such as index.html) where you want the counter to go:

<!-- #WN_include -->

This line must be on a line all by itself, with no text before or following it and must look exactly as I have it above, with spaces between the #WN_include and typed exactly the same, caps/lowercase and all. Here is an example:

<title> Root's Homepage </title>
<LinkRev="MADE" href="">
This is how many accesses my page gets:
<!-- #WN_include -->
Is that all?

When viewed will display the following:


This is how many accesses my page gets: 56
Is that all?


You're not done yet. You need to edit your index file in the directory where the html file with the counter is in. In this file you put:


Filter=/net/wn/cgi-bin/count <counter-name>

You may have an older homepage where you ran mkindex and it entered all the files in the current directory each with it's own "File=..." line. You can remove all the "File=..." lines and replace them with the "Attributes=serveall" line. "mkindex" now just creates a file with Attributes=serveall.

The <filename> is the name of the html file in which your counter is in (such as index.html). The <counter-name> is the name you wish to assign to your counter. This can be anything, but should be unique to you, such as your username followed by a counter name, such as: "root-counter1".

After you have edited your index file, you must run wndex to update the index.cache file. After that is done, you can enjoy your counter. You should do this for each file you wish to have a counter in.

The method only allows one counter per page, but that shouldn't be a problem. An improved method of making counters will be worked on.