Dial-Up Connection to the Servers

Dial-up/remote connection can be made to the servers. This gives access to the Life Science Department servers, the Internet, and the campus LAN.

The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences has been kind enough to fund the addition of new phone lines which expanded the number of dial-up lines to sixteen (you might thank Dean Weixlmann if you see him). Currently, nine 28.8 bps modems are connected to MAMA (mama.indstate.edu) as a public use modem pool. The phone numbers are on a roll-over system which allows you to dial one number and be connected to the first available modem. The phone number is:

(812) 237-8033

The other phone lines/modems are reserved for Life Sciences and other select users. The servers and their facilities are not "public" computing facilities. They were developed to meet the research and teaching needs of the Department of Life Sciences. The budgets for maintaining and upgrading the servers come from Department budgets, grants and other sources provided to the Department. Courtesy accounts are provided non-Department of Life Sciences students, staff and faculty with the understanding that the courtesy account users do not interfer with the primary research and teaching mission of the servers. Thus, a reserved pool of modems are maintained for the exclusive use of the Department and select users.

Any person with a user account on MAMA is able to use the dial-up connection (Win95 users may be interested in reading Setting Up PPP for Windows 95 which is available in the Documents section).

Due to the limited number of dial-up lines which are available and close to 1000 users on the system, users are asked to be courteous in their use of the dial-up connections. We have not set time limits to date; the average length of a modem session is currently 0.64 hrs. As long as the modem pool is not abused, we will not impose quotas on the dialup connections. We would rather handle abuse of the modem pool on an individual basis if possible. We do log the amount of time used. If you connect for many hours at a time on a regular basis, this could be considered excessive; it prevents other users from remotely accessing the system. Users which continually abuse the privilege of using the dial-up connections may find their ability to use the dial-up connections blocked. Please remember that use of the dial-up lines is a privilege and not a right.