Mapping Network Drives

You can map LINUX/UNIX servers such as the ones operated by the Department of Life Science as Network Drives on your computer. This is possible because we run a daemon called SAMBA on the servers which allows use of Microsoft Networking protocols. The ability to map the servers as network drives simplifies updating web pages and other day-to-day operations. This mapping procedure will work via normal LAN connections or via your PPP connection (if it is properly configured as described in the Setting Up a PPP Connection document).

1. Double click on the “My Computer” icon.

2. If you do not have a tool bar with buttons, select “View” then “Toolbar” from the menu.

3. Click on the “Map Network Drive” button (second button on the toolbar) and you will see a Map Network Drive selection box.

4. Click the Down Arrow button to the right of the drive selection box and find a drive letter which is not in use.

5. Click the Down Arrow button to the right of the Path selection box and type the path to the drive. The path consists of two back slashes, the server name, one back slash, and the name of the drive. The correct syntax for a Netware server is:




The correct syntax for a UNIX server is:


and, for the public (non-password protected areas)


where USERNAME is your username for your account on the system.

If a password is required, you will be prompted for the password. On Novell Netware servers, you can login as PCNET or GUEST without a password.

Note: The button to the right of the Map Network Drive button will allow you to detach/disconnect from a server. You are also detached/disconnected from servers when you quit Win95 (Start button on task bar, Shutdown, then Close all Programs and Log on as a Different User.