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The following are helpful documents on a variety of subjects. Some of the documents are "local" documents which have been prepared and are specific for the local computing environment. Some of the documents are general documents, linked to the original sources on the Web.

We have limited time and no money for developing documentation. If you find errors in any of the documents which we have prepared (the local documents), let us know and we will correct the errors. If you find documentation on the Web which you feel should be linked here, let us know. If you have written documentation which you feel is appropriate to include and are willing to allow us to place here, please let us know. If you are willing to write documentation (remember that your only compensation is the gratitude of your fellow users), please contact Your participation in improving the documentation would be greatly appreciated by all.

How to Apply for a User Account

Dial-Up Connection to the Servers

LINUX Help Documents

Local Server-Specific Information

Common LINUX/UNIX Commands
Help with LINUX Commands on this system
E-Mail using PINE
The VI Editor
The JOVE Editor

General Information from the Web

The Official LINUX Homepage
The LINUX Documentation Project
The LINUX Users' Guide written by Larry Greenfield

HTML/WWW Help Documents

Local Server-Specific Information

About the Web Server Software
How to Add a Counter to Your Home Page
How to Include an ImageMap

General Information from the Web

A Beginner's Guide to HTML
How Do They Do That With HTML
Tao of HTML
WWW and HTML Tools
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
Macintosh WWW Resources
One Source of Icons and Images for Web Pages
Advertizing Your Web Page

Windows 95 Help Documents

How to Install PPP for Win95
How to Map the Servers as a Drive Using Win95

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