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Server Rules and Regulations

The LINUX servers which are operated and maintained by the Department of Life Science include,,,,,, and These servers are operated and maintained for teaching and research needs of the Life Science Department.

User accounts are available to students, faculty and staff outside the Life Science Department; these are courtesy accounts made available at the discretion of the Department. We are not ACNS. We do not have the budget or staff to provide unlimited computing resources and/or computing assistance to the campus. The servers were developed to meet the needs of the Life Science Department. Any activity which degrades or interferes with the functionality or use of the servers by the primary users (members of the Life Science Department) is prohibited. Accounts of violators will be terminated. User accounts on these servers are a privilege which can be removed at the discretion of the Life Science Department. So be kind and considerate of others and follow the rules. If you do not know whether a use or activity will violate University or Departmental policies or will impair the function of the servers, please ask.

Users are expected to adhere to Indiana State University's rules and regulations concerning use of computing resources, the student code of conduct, and all other applicable guidelines. Accounts of violators will be terminated.

Users should be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct, The Student Computing Handbook (which contains a section on Policies and Procedures), and the ISU WWW committee web guidelines. Remember, the use of the Department of Life Science servers should be consistent with the University's mission of teaching, research and public service.

Last Updated: 20-Feb-97
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